Gum Contouring Candidates: Reshaping Gummy Smiles

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Oct 9, 2014 — by Cristin Dowd, DDS
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A young woman smilingThe team at Signature Smiles in Woodinville knows that a great smile is all about the teeth as well as the gums. Some aesthetic issues can be addressed through the use of porcelain veneers, a versatile cosmetic dentistry solution, while others may involve different kinds of treatments that target the gums.

With the latter in mind, we'd like to consider the issue of gummy smiles and what can be done to address these kinds of cosmetic flaws.

Aesthetic Problems Caused by Prominent Gums

If you have a smile in which the gums are too prominent, this can have a very negative impact on your overall appearance. The gums can become the most dominant feature about your smile and your laugh, which can leave you feeling self-conscious and even embarrassed. The gums can even throw off the look of a smile that is otherwise perfect.

Causes of Gummy Smiles

In most cases, smiles with prominent gums are congenital and hence run in families. It may be the defining characteristic of many smiles from members of your family, in fact. Sometimes this is the result of the amount of gum tissue present, though in other cases it may be caused by the position of the upper lip, a short upper lip, and issues with the protrusion of the upper jaw.

Ideal Candidates for Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is the ideal option for people who have gummy smiles that are caused by an excess of gum tissue. They should be in otherwise good dental health and not suffer from any major health issues that would make reshaping of the gums risky or potentially harmful to general wellness.

A full examination and consultation will be necessary to determine the ideal course of action with regard to these matters involving the look of the gumline.

The Gum Contouring Procedure

Gum contouring is performed using advanced dental lasers. These lasers treat soft tissues carefully, cauterizing and sterilizing as they may precise cuts. The gumline will be carefully revised in order to achieve a more ideal appearance overall. The duration of the procedure will vary based on

Recovering from Gum Contouring

Recovery from gum contouring will take a few days, and patients will notice some discomfort and irritation of their gums as they heal. Only soft foods should be eaten during this time, and preferably away from the portion of the gumline that's been treated. In addition, patients should avoid using straws as this may affect the treated portions of the gumline.

We should note that the recovery from laser gum contouring is much faster and more convenient than gum contouring surgeries of the past. This is thanks to the nature of the dental laser when used on soft tissues.

Results of Gum Contouring

Once the patient has fully healed from gum reshaping, the results of the treatment will be quite dramatic. Many times people will experience increased self-confidence and a greater sense of happiness about their appearance. The best part is that the results will be totally natural looking, making it seem as if you smile has always been this way.

Schedule a Consultation for Periodontal Care

To learn more about gum contouring and your many other options available for enhancing the health and appearance of your gums, be sure to contact our cosmetic dentistry center today. The team at Signature Smiles will work closely with you ensure that you receive all of the information you need to make informed choices about your dental health.

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