How Can Sedation Dentistry Help with Multiple Treatment Appointments?

Mar 11, 2020 — by Cristin Dowd, DDS
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Reclined female patient has nitrous oxide administered as dental work is performedThere are many benefits to undergoing multiple treatments during one visit at our Woodinville, WA, dental practice. Combining multiple cosmetic or restorative procedures allows Drs. Christin Dowd or Ken Wu to work more efficiently, and comprehensive dental work can even save you time and money.

Multiple hours of chair time can leave patients fatigued and uncomfortable. To help our patients relax through lengthy treatments, our office offers multiple forms of sedation dentistry. Under the soothing effects of sedation dentistry, time feels like it flies by. A treatment that requires two hours can feel like it elapsed in a fraction of that time. Here, we discuss the many benefits of sedation dentistry for multiple treatment appointments.

Improved Comfort

Sedation dentistry allows patients to safely relax throughout their treatment. The various forms of sedation interact with the central nervous system and place patients in a dream-like state. When used alongside local anesthesia, sedation dentistry can make a long and uncomfortable treatment tolerable or even pleasurable.

Your Sedation Options

The sedation options offered at our Woodinville dental practice can be adjusted to meet your comfort needs. To help patients relax through their multiple treatments, Signature Smiles offers:

  • Mild sedation: This form of sedation is typically associated with nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Nitrous oxide allows patients to regain clarity soon after the gas is shut off. It takes several hours for the effects of oral medication to wear off.
  • Moderate sedation: For long or invasive procedures, moderate sedation places patients in a dream-like state that allows them to respond to commands.
  • Deep sedation: This option is great for lengthy or invasive treatments that can leave patients uncomfortable. This option often uses IV sedation. Patients who enter this level of sedation often have little or no recollection of the procedure.

While many people associate sedation dentistry with addressing dental phobia, sedation can be a great option for individuals who are undergoing multiple treatments during one appointment. Mild, moderate, and deep sedation can change the patient’s perception of time, which can help a long treatment feel like it went by in a fraction of the time.

Candidacy for Sedation Dentistry

Most healthy adults who are not pregnant are candidates for sedation dentistry. One of our doctors will establish your candidacy during your treatment consultation in Woodinville. One common reason that you may need to undergo sedation dentistry is to help you relax during full mouth reconstruction. Individuals who require extensive restorative work are often candidates for full mouth reconstruction.

The comprehensive treatment may combine:

  • Dental implants
  • Bone grafting
  • Fillings
  • Crown, bridge, or denture placement

Similar comprehensive treatments can be performed for cosmetic purposes. Other patients may benefit from the combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments. No matter what the reason for your treatment, any treatment plans that involve a number of procedures or require one or more hours of chair time may benefit from the inclusion of sedation dentistry.

Schedule Your Sedation Dentistry Consultation Today

If you are planning to undergo multiple treatments during one appointment, a member of our dental team will be glad to explain the many benefits of sedation dentistry. Our office offers multiple sedation options that can be customized to meet your personal needs.

To schedule your next visit to our office, please contact our office online or call (425) 489-1177.

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