Achieve Enhanced Healing and Treatment Results with Laser Dentistry

young brunette laying on her stomach in a field of flowers.At Signature Smiles, we know that healthy gums are just as important as healthy teeth. To better care for your gums and protect these sensitive tissues, we perform many of our procedures with laser dentistry techniques at our Woodinville practice. We use advanced dental lasers to perform both cosmetic gum reshaping and gum disease treatment. With lasers, we can remove excess tissue or eradicate bacteria quickly and easily. The highly precise laser also sterilizes and heals tissues during treatment, resulting in minimal discomfort and a faster healing time. If you are looking for advanced treatment for gum disease or if you want to enhance the appearance of your smile through gum contouring, call Signature Smiles today and book an appointment.

Cosmetic Enhancement for Your Gums and Smile

If you have large gums or an uneven gum line, it can have a dramatic effect on your smile. Disproportionately large gums can make your teeth appear smaller and can make you look several years older. Fortunately, our laser gum reshaping procedure is simple and results in minimal discomfort.

Before your procedure, you will have a consultation with your dentist to discuss your goals and the expected outcome of your treatment. During treatment, you will be numbed with local anesthetic and Dr. Dowd or Dr. Wu will use a surgical laser to carefully remove excess tissue or straighten your uneven gums. The laser actually seals off blood vessels in the treatment area, minimizing bleeding, discomfort, and swelling after the procedure. Immediately following your gum reshaping, you will notice dramatic results and a vastly improved smile.

Effective Treatment for Gum Disease

Gum disease results when pockets of bacteria develop in your gums. Over time, the tissue will start to pull away from the bone, leading to receding gums and even tooth loss. At Signature Smiles we offer several laser treatments to combat advanced gum disease. Your dentist will make treatment recommendations based on the severity of your condition. Scaling and root planing is the most common procedure, which includes the use of a dental laser to remove the pockets of bacteria and smooth the irregular patches on your tooth roots that often harbor oral bacteria. As the laser removes the bacteria, it also sterilizes the surrounding tissue, reducing your risk for a recurrence of the condition.

If you suffer from more acute gum disease, Dr. Dowd or Dr. Wu may recommend a gingivectomy. During this procedure, the dentist will surgically remove loose gum tissue and reshape your gums using a dental laser. Then he or she will place a healing putty on your gums to protect the tissue as it heals. Following a gingivectomy, the loose gum tissue will be able to reattach to the dental roots. The dental laser not only sterilizes the tissue, it also maximizes the amount of reattachment that can occur after your gums have healed. Thanks to these advanced surgical techniques, you will be able to enjoy better gum health, enhanced healing, and a shorter recovery time.

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Whether you are seeking cosmetic enhancement or you are suffering from advanced gum disease, our patients receive outstanding treatment, thanks to our knowledgeable dentists and top-notch technology. To learn more about dental lasers and find out how they can benefit your periodontal treatment, contact our office today. 

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