Digital X-rays for More Effective Diagnosis and Treatment

Close up portrait of a smiling female student with stack of books at the college libraryAt Signature Smiles, we are dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology in all of our services, from regular exams to advanced restorative and cosmetic treatment. To provide you with more efficient and accurate care, we utilize digital x-rays at our Woodinville office. Like traditional film x-rays, digital x-rays allow us to see inside your mouth to detect decay, structural damage, and tooth misalignment. However, by using digital technology, we can obtain clearer images that permit us to make more accurate diagnoses and determine the optimal treatment for you. They are also a green diagnostic tool, since no chemicals or film is involved. To take advantage of this superior imaging technique, schedule your appointment at Signature Smiles today.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

There are two primary types of digital x-rays: intraoral and extraoral. Your dentist will place intraoral sensors in your mouth, providing a detailed view of a single tooth or a smaller section of your oral cavity. Extraoral x-rays are used to analyze a larger area, including your jaw, making these images ideal for orthodontic care and other full-mouth treatments. Once your dentist has captured the images, they are sent to a computer, where they can be stored, manipulated, and transferred with greater ease and efficiency than traditional x-rays.

The Benefits of Digital Imaging

Digital x-rays offer a number of advantages over traditional film x-rays. These benefits include:

  • Increased Safety ­– When you receive traditional x-rays, you are exposed to radiation, which can cause a number of very serious health conditions. Although the amount of radiation you receive from a single set of x-rays is low, over a lifetime of dental treatment, your exposure can actually be quite significant. Digital x-rays are completely safe, and there is no radiation involved.
  • Enhanced Accuracy – Much like digital photos, digital x-rays are much sharper than their film counterparts. The clarity of the images allows your dentist to make more accurate and informed diagnoses.
  • More Convenient – Because we store digital x-rays on the computer, we can pull them up at any time, making your dental visits faster and more efficient. It is also much easier to send clear, accurate images to off-site specialists and dental labs.
  • Greater Flexibility – Unlike film x-rays, digital images are easy to manipulate. On the computer screen, Dr. Dowd or Dr. Wu can increase the size of the x-rays to get a clear and accurate view of even the smallest abnormalities.

Thanks to digital images, we can detect and treat dental problems before they cause widespread damage.

Planning and Treatment

At Signature Smiles, we want you to be an active participant in your dental care. Digital x-rays are much easier to see and understand, so you will be able to ask the right questions and stay informed about your treatment. These images also allow us to craft more accurate and personalized treatment plans. If you are seeking restorative or cosmetic treatment, digital x-rays better enable us to discuss your goals and explain your expected outcome.

Schedule an Appointment

When you seek dental treatment, you deserve the most advanced equipment and care available. To learn more about digital x-rays or to experience the benefits for yourself, contact our office today. 

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